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Avanza helps to determine a retail strategy for stores or other types of retail businesses. Usually, the idea is to increase sales by driving more people to the store and attracting them to products once available. Avanza helps with promotions activities, merchandising, store design, location and some personnel decisions.

One of the primary functions of Avanza is to help with the geographical location of the store, as well as product placement inside the store. A Grocery stores often find it better to place milk in the back corner of the store, knowing it is a product nearly everyone will need. So making customers walk past other merchandise on the way there may encourage more sales activity. Also Avanza can help with staffing issues as well. They also better understand what skill set are necessary among the staff to be a success. For example, the skills required for a hunting store cold be different from those that are required for a women's clothing store.

The USP of this Avanza firm is in combining old world knowledge with new age techniques; channel management, pan India launch of new products, corporate and institutional sales, powered with 360° marketing insight. The consultancy is associated with some big names like Hindustan Unilever, Herman Miller, Osim, Sukam contributing towards marketing ideologies and conditions at their corporate

In Avanza there are a number of important things that are to be kept in mind. First, asking for what results have been achieved by a particular agency is warranted. Secondly, choosing a consultant with a great deal of retail experience is important. A Avanza should have plenty of knowledge and quantifiable results to back up their desire to work for you.

The services that we offer are:

  • Retail fixtures (POSM)
  • Kiosk in all forms
  • Store brandings
  • Manpower supply
  • Acrylic Display Products
  • Store construction/Activation
  • Hoardings
  • Event Management




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