Installations and Mapping Services


To ensure that Avanza will match each customer’s needs, a Mapping project is conducted before the implementation. The Mapping project uncovers the needs of the target users of Avanza. The aim is to develop a taxonomy and structure that suits the company’s strategic mindset.

Mapping project includes analysis of:

  • Information Needs – Important strategic issues that need to be monitored closely are identified.
  • Content & Sources – What sources are available and used today? Prioritize what content is most relevant and should be included in the system.
  • Taxonomy – How should information and expertise be mapped into topics to make it easy to navigate? What topics and categories are useful for information search and classification?
  • Roles  & Responsibilities – Who are the target users? Who will be involved in the implementation and receive training? Who should have access to what information?



Avanza is a standardized, off the shelf, software package. This enables a fast and cost-effective implementation into any existing IT environment.

Installation of Avanza includes the following services.

  • Server Check – Before actual installation can begin, the server upon which Avanza is to be installed needs to be verified.
  • Installation – Avanza is installed in accordance with the specifications from the Mapping Report and the end user license agreement.
  • Content set-up – Connections are set up to the required content and sources.
  • Layout & Security Settings – The layout and design of the system is done. Avanza can easily be designed to suit the customer’s graphical guidelines. There are a number of standard layout settings. In addition, the customer has access to Avanza style sheets that allows great flexibility in layout.Security is a top priority of Avanza. Appropriate security levels are configured to suit the needs of the customer.
  • Customizations & Integration – Any custom developments that are required are installed. Potential integrations with other systems
  • Testing – The testing process is performed in an iterative way with adequate time for testing before training and launch. The final step of the technical installation is to sign a system acceptance document.




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