TV commercials

  • Boost Sales Through Targeted TV Outreach

    For businesses that rely exclusively on a regional customer base, our geo-targeted advertising model hits the spot. While paying for a national ad spot on a leading GEC/Movie channel requires a mammoth budget for any advertiser whilst reaching out to a broad spectrum audience, they can benefit immensely by concentrating all televised advertisements to their target group, without compromising on the credibility of the channel carrying the ad.

    Wonder Products – a trusted name in the Personal, Hair, Home Care, Aerosol and Pharma space, utilized Amagi’s geo-targeted ad model to run TV campaigns in India to increase their local share-of-voice.

  • Launch regional variants of your product

    When compared to regular national-level campaigns, regional brand variants demand an added layer of customizability and the freedom to experiment with campaign frequency. Geo-targeted advertisements synchronize with such regional campaign requirements perfectly, by offering a healthy mix of high-rated channels and reduced cost per spot. Leveraging this solution, Wipro Consumer Care launched the product ‘Santoor Hand & Body Lotion’ exclusively in Gujarat and Maharashtra.

  • Switch to adversioning and target your products to the right market

    ‘Adversioning’ can broadly be understood as the utilization of available advertisement platforms to pitch the right product to the right market. Even if you have purchased comprehensive National TV spots from channels, Amagi’s adversioning solution can help you in allocating local TV ad spots for specific brands in specific geographies. Relying on this model, HUL (Hindustan Unilever Ltd) ran Lux ads exclusively in Mumbai, and Dove ads for the rest of Maharashtra, utilizing a common ad-spot on the same channel.

  • Run regional consumer promotions

    City-wide contests, localized promotional campaigns and events are all excellent ways to harness the local SoV of your brand and to boost conversions.With Amagi’s geo-targeted ad model, brands can now choose to run targeted communications for their localized promotions in their city/state of choice, on a common national ad-spot. One of the best examples of such targeted communication, was Wipro’s ‘Santoor Gold Coin Offer’ which was played out only to Rest-of-Maharashtra (excluding Mumbai).

  • Build credibility for your regional dealers

    As a general practice, displaying a comprehensive list of all national distributers, is inconvenient for consumers as the information provided in these commercials is too cluttered. With Amagi’s geo-targeted ad solution, it is possible to specify individual details for authorized dealerships in each city while playing out the ad to all your existing markets.

  • Test-market your products in selected cities

    Test-marketing a new brand before it hits national shelves, is a brilliant strategy to understand its viability in consumer spaces. Restricted marketing budgets often create market testing challenges for brands. But Amagi’s targeting services can help you in restructuring your national ad spots before your launch date.

    Confectionary brand Ferrero used Amagi’s proprietary ad technology to test-market their product ‘Kinder Joy Schoko Bons’.




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